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The Necessity of Speed in Communication. Just How Fast Does it Need to Be?

When was the last time you ordered something online and didn’t receive a confirmation almost immediately? When was the last time you had to dig for the latest news? You probably don’t know. Why? Because information is coming to us so fast, and it has become the standard among you, me and consumers. So, just how fast […]
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9 Reasons to Use WordPress (& the coming of version 5.0)

It’s a necessity. Darn near as much as bottled water anymore. >>> Your website.<<<   Or often times, website(s).   From the most simple of websites to the most robust, secure, e-commerce functioning websites, there are common themes we find among most every website conversation we have, and that is:   // the desire to […]
Why We Chose Iowa

Why We Chose Iowa

On a day like today, I defer to Kevin Costner’s famous line in one of the all-time great baseball and all-American movies. “Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” And today, according to US News & World Report, it’s also the #1 state in the United States. The ranking survey, which is a multi-level, metric-based system […]
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Is your website prepared for Google changes?

Have you prepared your website for the just released, updated Google search algorithm? If yes, congratulations on maintaining a current website and staying abreast on the changes in our search-driven world. (I would still encourage you to keep reading. Just in case.) If your answer is no, or you have no ideas what I’m talking […]

More than just a jacket

In celebration of National FFA Week, CornerPost wanted to give our own ode to FFA. We believe firmly in what the National FFA Organization provides for its members. The future of agriculture is important to all of us, and there is no other organization that generates agricultural leadership and fosters future agricultural careers like FFA. […]
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Coming clean with our most common writing mistakes

At CornerPost, much of what we write is intended for publications, media, technical communication and web. With a journalistic core, we turn to the AP Stylebook to guide our styling and grammar. However, there are ALWAYS exceptions, and we do bend the rules once in a while when necessary. We are not too proud to admit […]

6 topics you should consider newsworthy for your company

So many times in the midst of conversation with a company representative, I hear them casually talk about some recent happening within their company, organization or community. At the sound of this, I quickly ask what have they done to share or spread this news? A common response is a questioning look of, “why?” “Why […]

Top uses for infographs besides a digital image

Visual content is on the rise. Just take a look at how many apps and social media outlets there are today with the purpose of simply sharing photos and images. Not too many blog posts are without published without an image or two either. There doesn’t seem to be much slowing down in sight. Even […]
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