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There is no one-way approach anymore for a successful campaign or project. There are no rules or guidelines on how they must be handled.

Today, the more fresh ideas brought to the table, the more potential for a favorable outcome.
reaching your audience
Media research, Media planning, Media buying, Creative production, Out-of-the-Box advertising, Content development, Issue advocacy
planning & preparing for your event
Event planning and sponsorship, Literature development and design, Media relations, Speechwriting
creatively focused
Graphic design, Print production, Copywriting, Video production, Creative strategy, Brand design, Market research, Marketing planning, Project launch planning, Communications planning
in the event of a crisis
Media relations, Crisis communication, Reputation management
digitally "plugged-in"
Web design and development, Email marketing, Search engine optimization, Online advertising, Social media marketing, Collaborative strategy
building your brand
Brand literature, Custom publishing, Direct marketing, Social media development and management, Image and identity management

creatively working in the field

Call it our Iowa work ethic,
Call it passion for what we do,
Even call it an unexplainable drive for success.
Either way, we’re known to be
wholeheartedly dedicated.
We’re the first and the last ones through the door. When it comes to your success or victory, we will persistently keep our eyes on the target, always looking for that one more thing to help you reach the end goal.
Detail Oriented
The strategy, planning, and execution of all we do is focused on each detail. It is the smallest details that will make the largest impact on a favorable outcome.
Committed Partner
We are not only a source of skills and talents; we consider ourselves part of your team. We are committed to seeing you through ups, down and in-betweens.
Quick Acting
We don’t waste time in finding solutions or alternatives. With flexibility and a creative approach, we are right there to maneuver through any changes or stumbling blocks that may cross the path of even the most thought out plan.

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Leading the path for companies, organizations and campaigns to effectively reach their audiences, CornerPost Marketing Communications is the fresh face in the communications, public relations and marketing world.

We are proudly cut from a different cloth, bringing experience and ideas that test the status quo and lead to successful outcomes.

That uniqueness stems from our Midwest roots and agri-marketing background. CornerPost’s devotion to a thriving agriculture industry and respect for a sustainable future adds a level of outlook not seen before by similar communication companies.

The CornerPost team leads creatively minded, strategically articulated, dedicated, and grassroots style approaches to successful projects and campaign management. Projects and campaigns administered by CornerPost receive outside thinking that relentlessly pushes the envelope, while still maintaining respect for the intended audience and goals.

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We’re looking a little slim right now (website content that is), but we didn’t want to miss out on the party!

We welcome you to keep visiting us as we add more to our site. Heck, we’ll even let you know directly what’s going on at CP, just let us know how to email you.