9 Reasons to Use WordPress (& the coming of version 5.0)

It’s a necessity. Darn near as much as bottled water anymore. >>> Your website.<<<


Or often times, website(s).


From the most simple of websites to the most robust, secure, e-commerce functioning websites, there are common themes we find among most every website conversation we have, and that is:


// the desire to easily scale the size and functions,

// ability to update styling, navigation and pages,

// and simply manage content.


To meet those needs, CornerPost uses the most popular website publishing platform, WordPress, as the foundation to their client sites. As it continues to grow, WordPress is now used by nearly 30% of the world’s websites and continues to innovate through advanced security, abilities and use. Here are just a few short reasons why we use WordPress as a base for our client’s websites.


9 Reasons That Make WordPress a Top Choice

  1. 23% of the top-10,000 websites in the world use WordPress
  2. WordPress has the easiest to use and most popular Content Management System
  3. WordPress integrates with the web’s most popular tools (such as Facebook, MailChimp, PayPal, Google, Twitter, the list goes on and on…)
  4. WordPress has proven it can accommodate any industry and type of website
  5. Through more than 50,000 plugins, the tools and functionalities are endless on WordPress sites.
  6. WordPress will continue to grow and advance because it is an Open Source Software
  7. As necessary in today’s world, WordPress is responsive to all devices
  8. Vogue, Mercedes Benz, Fortune, Beyoncé and many more big names use WordPress websites!
  9. WordPress has over 50 languages translations available and continues to actively grow that list


And one more reason (for good luck of course) is that WordPress has had 32 major versions released since its start. Coming this soon this year, WordPress will release Version 5.0, it’s 33 version, currently codenamed “Gutenberg”. We knew that this upcoming release was going to be a bit of an exciting game-changer, so CornerPost’s web team took part in a webinar from Pantheon (our favorite hosting platform) called “Getting Ready for Gutenberg: How to Leverage WordPress 5.0 for Your Website”.


Here’s a snippet of some key takeaways learned from the webinar. Or watch the recording yourself, here!


Pantheon’s Getting Ready for Gutenberg Webinar Notes

  • Possibly released in April 2018
  • They will have a beta plugin available to test (which CP will be doing!)
  •  Will include a new Rich Content Editor, which gives a new way to edit and is focused on content. But it is not a layout builder.
  • Will use what are called “blocks”- which replaces shortcodes and content items (anything from images to paragraphs to video embeds to quote styling to listing and more)
    • You can save blocks for later use and help streamline editing 
    • The architecture of Blocks is JavaScript and PHP
  • Great opportunities exist for Block development
    • This means being able to customize, create and hardcode your own blocks
    • Knowing webpack, modern JavaScript and more will help write better, more modular code
    • There are ways to turn current shortcodes into a Gutenberg Block


While this update coming for WordPress is going to be one that requires a bit more learning and testing than usual, it’s another strong sign of WordPress relentlessly perfecting their world-renowned publishing platform for the future.


CornerPost is eagerly filling our minds with all the new information coming from the 5.0 WordPress version update. We will continue to share more as it progresses!



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