6 topics you should consider newsworthy for your company

So many times in the midst of conversation with a company representative, I hear them casually talk about some recent happening within their company, organization or community. At the sound of this, I quickly ask what have they done to share or spread this news? A common response is a questioning look of, “why?” “Why would this be newsworthy?”

Here’s what you need to remember. Not everything a company promotes is supposed to be front page New York Times worthy. And no, you should not desensitize your media contacts by sending them too much news from your company, but think outside of the print media box for a moment and consider all the other avenues of communication you have.

There can ALWAYS be something to bring light to your company. You should never not be able to find something to share with customers, shareholders or the public. Here’s 6 topics to get you started thinking. As you read each, write down at least one example of this that recently occurred in your company.

6 things your aren’t promoting that you should be to strengthen your company’s PR

1. Employee achievements
Consider promotions, recognition, training certification, and find the story behind that employee.

2. New service offering
Maybe you haven’t launched a new product and no R&D was done, but what about a recent service you are providing. Maybe free inspections or new testing of some sort. Build it up!

3. Company award or recognition
No need to be a Fortune 500 company to share about what your company has achieved. Maybe it was a top dealer award, or safety designation by a council. Don’t just say your company is industry-leading, show it.

4. Customer testimonial
Did a customer recently praise their recent purchase of your company’s product? Keep your eyes and ears out for these. People want to hear from people.

5. Sales, growth
Not every company wants to share their financials or put them front and center. It doesn’t mean that is what your company is all about, but it does show that customers can have faith in the company’s future. Compliment this news with a thank you to the hard working team of employees and appreciation for customers.

6. Good deeds
I’m sure there are many ways your company gives back. Through donations, philanthropic events, free services, employee engagement and many others. Show the public and customers that your company cares. It can go a long way.

This is only six ideas. There are many more, but the point is not to think anything is too small to promote or use for your company’s PR. Take these ideas and promote with a hosted event. Or contribute a special section of the company’s website or newsletter to showcasing one of these new topics. Don’t miss another opportunity by using your employees, department managers or salesmen to act as contributors for this information. Select a few to be your eyes and ears. It’s a great addition to a job title!

To maximize your reach in sharing these stories, use media relationships. Like us at CornerPost, we have created media relation ties that can really boost this further.

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