The Necessity of Speed in Communication. Just How Fast Does it Need to Be?

When was the last time you ordered something online and didn’t receive a confirmation almost immediately? When was the last time you had to dig for the latest news? You probably don’t know. Why? Because information is coming to us so fast, and it has become the standard among you, me and consumers. So, just how fast […]
WordPress Add New Post Page

9 Reasons to Use WordPress (& the coming of version 5.0)

It’s a necessity. Darn near as much as bottled water anymore. >>> Your website.<<<   Or often times, website(s).   From the most simple of websites to the most robust, secure, e-commerce functioning websites, there are common themes we find among most every website conversation we have, and that is:   // the desire to […]
Why We Chose Iowa

Why We Chose Iowa

On a day like today, I defer to Kevin Costner’s famous line in one of the all-time great baseball and all-American movies. “Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” And today, according to US News & World Report, it’s also the #1 state in the United States. The ranking survey, which is a multi-level, metric-based system […]
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How to Stay Positive in a World of Negativity

Earlier this month, Independence Day was celebrated by many, most likely surrounded by friends and family honoring our nation’s birthday. Being immersed in fun all day makes it easy to forget any negatives that impact our lives. It was nice, but unfortunately, you can’t celebrate like that every day. If you’re in the agricultural industry, […]

Eggcellent Information

When people think of Iowa agriculture, corn, soybeans and hogs usually come to mind. This makes sense, considering we lead the U.S. in all of those categories in terms of production numbers. However, what most people don’t realize is that Iowa also leads the nation in egg production! There are roughly 280 million laying birds […]

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