CornerPost's Top 5 Most Commonly Used Tools

Top 5 Most Commonly Used Tools at CornerPost

The CornerPost team would all agree that these five tools show up the most on our laptop screens. Each has a special attribute, and together, helps our projects run as smoothly as possible. Google Chat – Used internally, this function helps us all stay connected with each other. Whether we are in the office or […]

Top uses for infographs besides a digital image

Visual content is on the rise. Just take a look at how many apps and social media outlets there are today with the purpose of simply sharing photos and images. Not too many blog posts are without published without an image or two either. There doesn’t seem to be much slowing down in sight. Even […]

Why is typography so important?

Typ-o-gra…what? It’s ok, that word used to be foreign to me as well. Until I realized that what I had always been so interested in was called that. So what is it? For those who don’t work in the design world, or live, breath and practically dream about colors, shapes and patterns, typography in a […]

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