Top 5 Most Commonly Used Tools at CornerPost

The CornerPost team would all agree that these five tools show up the most on our laptop screens. Each has a special attribute, and together, helps our projects run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Google Chat – Used internally, this function helps us all stay connected with each other. Whether we are in the office or traveling to visit a client, Google Chat sends instant messages to team members, much like a text message.
  2. Toggl – When working with multiple clients, it’s important to track how much time is devoted to each client for contracting and billing purposes. Toggl is also helpful in tracking team reports, not just individual timesheets. Easier than clocking in and out, Toggl begins working at the click of a button.
  3. GatherContent – Multiple clients means multiple projects happening at once. This tool helps to keep track of all needed materials for a project, and helps our designer in planning layout. GatherContent can also be shared with clients for content approval.
  4. Box – Think of Box as a backup hard drive, as well as a sharing device between team members. Instead of emailing documents and PDFs back and forth, just save to Box for all to see and access!
  5. Function Point – Coming soon to the CornerPost team is an all-around marketing tool. Function Point works by managing clients’ projects, team member schedules, and so much more! This tool requires some training before launching, and CornerPost is in the process of learning the ins and outs of this program so we can use it to make our marketing communication efforts more efficient!

We recommend visiting these five sites to see how they can help your company with team projects and workflow!


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