Market on Central is the Fort Dodge community’s downtown farmers market typically held twice a month, June through September. It brings both agriculture and non-agriculture vendors together to showcase what they grow, create and make. Market on Central is a destination. We not only want our visitors to come down and shop, but to stay and enjoy the great live music, delicious food and fun atmosphere!
– John Doe
Located in historic downtown Fort Dodge, Market on Central is our community’s farmers market. The Market was in its sixth year when we took over management responsibilities and was in need of a facelift and the wind put back into its sails.

We first wanted to establish a fresh look with updated branded materials. After a research and development period, we landed on using a “play with words,” using fruits and vegetables. Lettuce Turnip the Beet at Market on Central was the main play on words that was used on all marketing materials. Our branded look could be found on billboards, banners, and digital and print advertising as well as social media.
Additionally, CornerPost provided our event management services for the summer-long event. The CornerPost team was responsible for organizing all of the vendors, event placement and logistics, working with the city to ensure proper paperwork was in place and general management of the events. As a full-service, small shop our clients gain access to the entire team as we pull our skills together to run seamless events.

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We’re looking a little slim right now (website content that is), but we didn’t want to miss out on the party!

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